1. xcurvywomanloverx said: Sounds like somebody’s been having some naughty wet fun
  2. dewycheatemhow said: Some like my time to shove my Dick in that nice pussy, can I? Have a pic on makemewet’s cock subs it is the only smooth looking mulatto cock on the scroll , let me know if you want some
  3. sp62vs1 said: mmmmmmhh sounds delicious!!
  4. ammennicoli said: I love what you wrote…
  5. mytwistedreality102791 said: im twice as good :-P lol
  6. mysterchrys said: I love sexting! And I absolutely LOVE roleplay sexting. You should hit me up with a message and we can work something out. I have some ideas…
  7. pyllz reblogged this from filthywetslut and added:
    lucky them wish i could lap up your juices n not stop til you cant stop cumming n we pass out from you cumming so much
  8. filthywetslut posted this
I’m roleplay sexting a special someone. I just took my panties off the get into bed, and I reached down and I am literally SOAKING wet. I had NO idea. I wasn’t even this wet when I got fucked on Thursday. It’s everywhere…..gooey, stringy, and oozing. All up to my clit and my asshole too.

Thank you for being a good sexter. ;)

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Posted 1 year ago
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